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I had another word planned for this week but our lovely maintainer’s word took me back to my high school days, learning the plays and the vocab that went with them. Nostalgia is also a legitimate excuse for late-posting even if I'm only late in Australia time.




Downfall as a result of pride or belief that one is above the will of the fates.

"Even after eliminating everything blue from his domain and ensuring that those he chose to reckon with were as colour-blind as they came, Tordak the Mighty still fell to the very hybris he created in trying to ensure his victory.”

Greek “hybris” meaning “insolence.”

Notes: Alternatively the classic spelling may be pronounced “high-bris” but either pronunciation is correct (I prefer to spell it with the hy and pronounce it as hyoo as that is the way it was taught to me.)

Love Tahlia, confirming that her nerd-ery is as varied as it is embarrassing awesome.
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