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Hoosegow \ˈhüs-ˌga\
noun, slang

A place for the confinement of persons in lawful detention: jail, brig, prison, slammer.

First used in English in 1908.  From Spanish juzgado (court), past participle of juzgar (to judge), from Latin judicare (to judge). Ultimately from Indo-European root deik- (to show or to pronounce solemnly) that is also the source of other words such as judge, verdict, vendetta, revenge, indicate, dictate, and paradigm.

When the interviewer inevitably asked about my year-long lapse in employment, I coughed nervously and replied, "hoosegow."   Not to seem parochial in front of his potential subordinate, he muttered something about the interesting regional culture before quickly moving on.
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