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Sciatherical:  Pertaining to a measurement of time by shadows, or belonging to a sundial.

*EDIT This, thanks to Nerdfury and his OED:
scia'theric, adj. and noun.

adj. late Greek for sun-dial, literally 'shadow-catcher' from Greek 'shadow' + 'to catch' Unfortunately the words in Greek are written IN Greek, which doesn't display on LJ, and there's no Roman transliteration.

adj. sciatherical noun pl. form sciatherics, the art of dialling. /EDIT*

"For me, camping has always been about the mindfulness of enjoying nature in the moment and being no more bound to a schedule than the vague sciatherical schedule necessitating I catch some fish by dinnertime.  Also, an excuse to get drunk and build a fire in the afternoon."
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