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(transitive) verb




To place something in a specific area to either 1: attract attention to it, like a piece of forged evidence at a crime scene or 2: hide it from view (most common usage.)

The definition is confusing and contradictory, I know, but that's the English language for you! For practicality's sake I'll be giving the usage of the second definition as the first is gradually falling out of use.

"Nolan spotted the bra on his bedroom floor before his girlfriend did and quickly ensconced it under his bed with a quick kick. He wasn't prepared to tell her about his tendency to dress in drag until at least three months in to their relationship."

From "En" meaning "put in, make" and "sconce" meaning "shelter", originally from the Dutch "schans" meaning "earthwork."

- Love Tahlia who shouldn't have applied fake nails when she knew she needed to type out a whole 1word1day post.
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