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Happy February first, everyone! I'm not late because it's still Sunday in Alaska, Hawaii, Washington and California! Muahaha!

Today's word is:

Counter-cozen [kown-ter-koh-zen]
verb, obscure

To cozen, or to cheat in return.

To cheat, defraud by deceit, ceat out of, to deceive, dupe, beguile, impose upon, to beguile or cheat into, up, etc.; to induce by deception to do a thing
To while away (time).

From counter + cozen
Uncertain derivation

Cozen possibly derived from the Italian cozzonare, described to mean 'to play the horse-breaker or courser, also, to play the craftie knaue.'

I love watching movies like The Italian Job and Ocean's Eleven because in addition to shenanigans and heists, the plot inevitably requires that the thieves countercozen someone by plot's end!

Gosh, I love having the OED at my fingertips. :D

By the way, if anyone should need assistance with definitions or etymologies for words, please don't hesitate to contact me. I have the whole Oxford Engish dictionary at hand, so can give you pretty much anything.
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