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Recidivism:  In psychology, repeating a behavior despite negative consequences.  In criminology, it is used to refer to repeat offenders or to describe the statistic of repeat offenders.

(ri-ˈsi-də-ˌvi-zəm, or see to hear it)
Etymology: from Latin recidīvus "recurring", from re- "back" + cadō "I fall"

"I don't know whether I'm not getting call-backs on jobs because the economy sucks and I just need to keep sending resumes out and hoping for the best or if I'm trapping myself in a pattern of recidivism by sending out a crappy resume in the first place."
"As a judge, it is important to carefully consider the possibility of recidivism in a defendant, neither wanting to be in Mike Huckabee's recent plight nor wanting to hand down an unnecessarily harsh punishment to someone with the potential to be a productive member of society."

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