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It's a fourfer!

They're all related and worth noting but not really necessitating separate posts.
We all know what a euphemism is I presume.  (In inoffensive or indirect term used to substitute a more harsh one.)
        "She has a good personality."
A dysphemism or malphemism, in contrast, are terms which are mildly offensive or humorously deprecating.
        "She has a face made for radio."
A cacophemism is a deliberately offensive term.
        "She is fugly."
An orthophemism is a term or expression meant to be completely neutral.
        "She is assuredly attractive to some people and not to others, as everyone is."

The doctor attempted to stick to medical jargon in order to keep completely neutral.  Unfortunately, while "dead" may have seemed the correct orthophemism to him, it was at best flippant dysphemism and at worse a callous cacophemism to the grieving family.

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