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Good evening all! I hope everyone's enjoying 1word1day's revitalisation - I really hope we can keep it going for as long as possible, because I'd hate to see it stagnate like it did last year.

In other news, I have an exciting new resource for words that will last me quite a while. Choosing a word will involve a number of dice rolls for truely random results!

Today's word is:

Homodoxian [hoh-moh-dock-see-an]

A person who has the same opinion as you.

Word obsolete, none listed. Find it? Let me know!

James hefted a sigh. He had been seeing people all day who wanted the spare room in his house, but none seemed to fit the bill. Of the few that seemed alright, not one of them seemed suitably homodoxian for his tastes. Perhaps he'd be best living alone.

*Unfortunately, we find that many words from the OED are obsolete and no longer in use, many for over 100 years. Though fascinating words, many don't have etymologies or pronounciations. Where possible, I'm using my knowledge of language to guess at the pronounciation. I'm using them because they have an official source (The OED, Second Edition, 1989) and are awesome words. Have the OED, or can fill in the blanks? Let me know!
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