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With exception to those few spots still in 2009, happy new year, guys! I hope everyone rang in the new year with something fun and exciting, and isn't paying for it too much in the end. For those of you celebrating hard, keep safe!

I'm glad everyone liked my poem last week! I wrote it over the course of a few hours and originally planned to send it out for Christmas with a card, but wound up leaving it too late - with holidays, a postal strike and me being a bit ill I never managed to get it out. Next year, though!

Today's word is another one from the category of "... there's a WORD for that!?"

Greeble (sometimes called a nurnie) [Gree-ball/Ner-nee]

A greeble or nurnie is a small piece of detailing added to break up the surface of an object to add visual interest to a surface or object, particularly in movie special effects. They serve no real purpose other than to add complexity to the object, and cause the flow of the eye over the surface of the object to be interrupted, usually giving the impression of increased size. It is essentially the small detailed technical part of a larger object.

They are most commonly seen in use on futuristic or science-fiction creations, like spaceships. The term can also be used for anything useless added to make things look more sciency, such as superfluous bits added to guns.

The earliest recorded use of the term "greeble" found to date was by those working on the special effects for Star Wars — the group who would later become Industrial Light and Magic. This was in reference to the added little thingies attached to the Imperial Star Destroyer in the opening scene of A New Hope.

Always keen on the world of Steampunk, Steve was busily hunting eBay for clothes and accessories whose attached greebles best represented the steampunk genre.

I hope everyone's enjoyed my words over the last year, starting with Peccavi on January 02. Here's to a new year and new decade of awesome words!

May your 2010 be better than your 2009, and your tens be better than your naughts! May I propose we refer to this decade as the Twenteens, except for 2010-2012, which will be the Twentweens. :D
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