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Sorry about missing last week. As you all know, this time of year is always a bitch! Zetetic [ze-tet'ik] adjective or noun Definition Proceeding by inquiry; a search or investigation; a skeptical seeker of knowledge. A term originally used to refer to Pyrrhonists, a group of ancient Greek skeptics, it has come to mean both the process of inquiry and one who so proceeds. A zetetic is thus a sort of intellectual agnostic who, while seeking greater truths, is always wary of falsehood. Etymology Greek zetetikos, from zeteein, 'to seek.' Usage Sandra always used to refer to herself, in a rather grandiose manner, that she was a zetetic - a seeker of truth and wisdom, and wary of being mislead. I, however, in a zetetic manner rather figured her to just be an argumentative bitch. True story, except the Sandra of the tale isn't smart enough to know what a zetetic is!
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