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Afternoon, folks! Happy Thursday the 12th and Friday the 13th for those of you have have slipped into the new day - I figure I'm safe as long as at least one US state is still Thursday!

Today's word is:

Cordiform [kor-dih-form]

Heart-shaped. Simple enough!

From Latin cordi, heart + formus, taking the shape of.

Jake had totally forgotten that it was his anniversary, and in an act regularly seen in sitcoms (along with one guy dating two girls at the same time at the dance and failing miserably, and the husband losing his wedding ring and spend more effort hiding it than finding it) he raced around town looking for something vaguely cordiform to give his girlfriend. It was going so well, too, until she reminded him that their anniversary was the day before.
Tags: adjective, c, latin, wordsmith: nerdfury

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