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Whoops, a little late again - sorry! At least it's still Thursday somewhere in the US!

Today's word is one of my favourites, because it lets you insult people whilst, at worst, them not knowing what you're saying and, at best, them thinking it's a compliment!

Mendicant [men-di-kant]
adjective or noun

Adj., Begging, the characteristics of a beggar.
Noun., Beggar.

From Latin mendīcare, to beg, from mendīcus, needy, beggar, from mendum, physical defect.

Larry and Frank had been friends for years, both living homeless, but still managing to survive nonetheless. Today, Frank was a bit down and started to talk about giving up and just ending it all by getting himself cleaned up, some nice clothes and getting a job. Larry would have none of that, though! Shaking Frank firmly by the shoulders he shouted "Enough, Frank! That's loser talk! Are you a mendican or a mendicant!?"
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