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Almost Halloween Tuesday

I hate that I keep finding great words in my history book but forgetting to write them down.

ascetic [uh-SET-ik]

1. a person who dedicates his or her life to a pursuit of contemplative ideals and practices extreme self-denial or self-mortification for religious reasons.
2. a person who leads an austerely simple life, esp. one who abstains from the normal pleasures of life or denies himself or herself material satisfaction.


No matter how many times I would hear Frog say, "WILLPOWER, Toad!" in my mind, I decided that I was no ascetic and ate the damn cookie.

And this one might be rather self-expanatory, but here it is:

fratricide [FRA-tri-sahyd, frey-]

1. a person who kills his or her brother.
2. the act of killing one's brother.


If you discount the unfortunate twist in her parentage, you could say that Antigone's life was ruined by fratricide.
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