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Looks like we're also starting to run out of posters - it's just the two of us, rainbow_yarn ! What's going on?

Anyway, today's word is:

Imbroglio [im-broal'yo]

An intricate, confusing or disturbing situation; a confused mass or heap. Imbroglio is close to predicament in meaning, only with a remarkable sound (especially its Italian soft 'g') and the added connotation of confusion and entanglement. It is to be preferred enormously over the anglicised 'embroilment'.

Italian, confusion, from imbrogliare, to confuse, embroil

Thanks to the active imagination of a bunch of very bored dogs, Sam came home to a household in a state of imbroglio, with a mess of torn up papers, bits of torn up pillows and cushions scattered about, and the dogs barking at the cats, who were prowling around and climbing up the curtains, all staring at the birds sitting on the light fixtures, who rather feared for their lives at the moment.

Sam decided his idea of a cageless pet-sitting company may not have been entirely thought through.
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