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Howdy folks! Possibly late, unsure - daylight savings screws with a guy. I spent the last week thinking it was a day later than it was. Hell, I keep checking to make sure today's not Saturday, because if it was, I'd be late for work!

Anywhoo - today's word is awesome. One of those "... there's a WORD for that?" kinda ones!

Petrichor [pe-tri-kor]

The pleasant fragrance of rain falling on dry ground. It is produced by oily, yellow-gold globules, rather like perfume, that either come from certain plants or the air itself.

This word was introduced by two Australian geologists, I. J. Bear and R. G. Thomas, in a 1964 article that appeared in Nature (993/2), referring to a rather specific aroma.

From the root of Greek petros "stone" + ichor, the mythical rarified fluid that flowed in the veins of the gods.

Petros is also the Greek form of the name "Peter," which is why Jesus claimed him to be the rock on which His church would be built.

On sipping the wine before him, James pronounced that he was certain that 'the bouquet of the chardonnay came from the petrichor of the soil where the vines grew.'

The rest of us didn't feel like telling him, quite yet, that the source of the 'fine wine' he so proclaimed to love actually came from a very cheap box.
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