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Apologies for missing last week, folks. I had no internet connection for much of the last week, so wasn't able to post at all.

Today's word is one that one of my ohsovalued customers used in their email to us yesterday. Amusingly, not in any context that makes sense.

Deipnosophist [dyp-NOS-uh-fist]

Someone who is skilled in table talk.

From Greek - deipnon, 'dinner' + sophistas, a clever or wise man'
All sitting around the table, the dinner guests glared at each other over who stole whose excuse for not eating all of Harold's terrible cooking. Janice got in first, saying something about feeling ill, and Mary used her being pregnant as a good reason to not eat it all. The rest, starved for excuses, were forced to eat it all and smile the whole time.

As Harold busily prepared an equally distasteful dessert, Mary cheefully added "To his credit, for all his foul cooking, he's quite the talented deipnosophist!"
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