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Hi guys! Hope everyone's awesome!

Today's word is:

Growlery [growl'er-ee]

A retreat for times of ill humour - a place to be alone and think. Similar (without the religious context!) to the Latin-derived sanctum sanctorum, with the added connotation that the individual in question is going to the place to be alone while upset.

English; cf. Dutch grollen, 'to grumble'
Loki, the new Mistress of Nerdfury Manor, was quite upset with me when I came home quite late one night after work. She was quite hungry after a long day of laying about and watching traffic through the window! To show her ill humour, she had retreated to her growlery under the bed for a sulk.

All appeared to be forgiven, however, when she heard the familiar sound of a fresh tin of food being opened. At least forgiven, for now.
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