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NerdFury - Big Daddy

Evening, folks! Sorry about missing last week - completely slipped my mind until I got my usual reminder message for this week. Whoops! Almost forgot this week, too, because I have been very distracted by my new cat.

Today's fabulous word is:

Farrago [fe-rah'go]

A confused mass of objects or people; any disordered mixture. This is an excellent term to describe the chaos evident in a crowd, jumble sale, or any drawer in my home. It's not just a mess, but adds the extra context of confusion and clutter.

From Latin farrago, 'mixed fodder,' from far, 'grain.'

When I first moved into my apartment, the boxes and furniture lying around was a farrago of mess! Now, just over a year since I moved in, it's still a bit messy. Actually, I still have boxes sitting packed!

And now I've got a cat, it's likely to only be worse before too long!

And since you're all so awesome, let me introduce you to the new mistress of the house, Loki:


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