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How's it going, guys?

Today's word is:

Diaglyph [die'a-glif]

A figure etched or engraved into a flat surface of a gem, stone or other object. Used in contrast with cameo, which is carved in relief, with the figure jutting out from the flat base. Synonymous with intaglio, a term derived from Italian, and perhaps somewhat more common.

Greek, dia through, and glyphein to carve

Searching through her notes, the famous archaeologist and bathykolpian killer of small animals Cara Loft wrote the last of the diaglyphs she found written boustrophedon in the temple walls. With the final key in place, she started translating the words she'd need for the next stage of the game-- er, puzzling mystery! She read her final words aloud: "This.. sentence... is... boring."

Wait, what?
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