NerdFury - Big Daddy (nerdfury) wrote in 1word1day,
NerdFury - Big Daddy

Great Caesar's ghost, is it Thursday already?

Today's fabulous word is:

Hypocorism [hy-pok-er-riz-uhm, hi-]

1.     a pet name.
2.     the practice of using a pet name.
3.     the use of forms of speech imitative of baby talk, esp. by an adult.

From Latin hypocorisma, from Greek hupokorisma, from hupokorizesthai, hypo-, beneath, secretly; korizesthai, to caress.

I was always jealous of all the people I knew with great nicknames, and always wanted a hypocorism of my own. Over there was Weeksey, and there's Gus, and there you can see Frankie, Kel, Kyles, Blackbeard and Boss - you can't do much with a name like mine, though, so the best I ever got was 'Oi, dickhead!'


Tags: greek, h, latin, noun, wordsmith: nerdfury

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