NerdFury - Big Daddy (nerdfury) wrote in 1word1day,
NerdFury - Big Daddy

I thought I might be late, but thankfully your country is so far in the past, I can literally post my word as late as 4:29pm on Friday my time and still be considered to have posted on Thursday!

By the way, the future is awesome. Your new President will do something funny in a few hours - watch out for it.

Anyway! Today's word is:

Vilipend [vil'i-pend]

To despise; to make light of; to disparage mockingly.

From Latin vilis (worthless) and pendere (to weigh).

I've sat here for about half an hour trying to think of a good sentence to describe how to use the word vilipend - regrettably, I have a case of the dumb today. You may all start vilipending me for my lack of funny. D:
Tags: latin, v, verb, wordsmith: nerdfury

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