elizabeth (rainbow_yarn) wrote in 1word1day,

Forgetting Tuesday!

maunder [MAWN-der]

1. To talk incoherently or aimlessly.
2. To move or act aimlessly or vaguely; wander.


You could say that people who sleeptalk usually maunder, although sometimes they say something useful.

fustigate [FUHS-ti-geyt]

1. to cudgel; beat; punish severely.
2. to criticize harshly; castigate


Unfortunately for Matt's cooking career, the prominent food critic who visited his new restaurant last night so powerfully fustigated his meal that business sharply decreased.

That's not actually a very good sentence. Ah well.
Sorry for not posting last week; I was at home for spring break and didn't have a lot of opportunities to use the internet.
Tags: f, m, verb

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