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Howdy folks!

For anyone that was curious, my mother's wedding went marvelously! At least, the ceremony did - the food and service at Waterfall Gully Restaurant was terrible! We were seated at 7:30, didn't get entrées until 9 and the meals weren't served 'til about 10:30! Also, many people think I look quite dashing in a kilt, and I daresay I rather agree!

Anyway, today's word is:

Jeremiad [jer-i-my'ad]

A lamentation or prolonged complaint; an angry or cautionary harangue.

From Jeremiah, reputed author of the Book of Lamentations, a book complaining to God about the state of the world. It gets published in the most popular book of all time, and his name is forever attached to the concept of complaining and lamenting one's fate.

Though possibly not a fan of certain words, showing ones disdain for someone's contribution in a community hardly requires the effort of writing a jeremiad in response. A simple, polite comment will usually do, if at all.

Also, mods, I've started adding my nickname to my posts as a tag - if this isn't kosher, let me know and I'll remove it. I'd like to keep track of the words I post, and think it might be a good idea to track words by poster as well as other things.

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