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I may or may not have totally forgotten to post a word last week. Apologies! I'm busy preparing for a wedding (not my own, alas, unless there's any cute and geeky Adelaide girls interested in having a drink? *winkwink* ;)

Anywhoo, with apologies and declaration of availability for dating out of the way, today's word (one of my favourites!) is:

Quincunx [kwin'kunks]

An arrangement of five things with four at the corners of a square and one in the middle. Most commonly seen in the pattern on cards (any 'five of something' and dice (five pips). Such a symbol was at one time used for the Roman fraction 5/12, thus explaining its etymology.

From Latin quincunx, from quinque five, and uncia a twelfth part.

To make up for last week's lack of wordiness, this week's usage comes in the form of a poem I wrote just for you fine people!

Johnny was a smart young lad,
Now Johnny's face is red.
When asked what five parts of twelve was called,
A 'quincunx,' Johnny said.
A gasp was heard by teacher dear,
Who gave not silent grace.
Poor Johnny, accused of cussing
Was slapped across the face!

Hee hee!
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