April 18th, 2021

words 6

Sunday Word: Gaudiloquent

gaudiloquent [goh-dil-uh-kwuhnt ]

(archaic, obsolete) speaking joyfully or on joyful matters


But I must provide an especially gaudiloquent tribute to Debra Hansen, our wardrobe whisperer, to my guardian makeup angel, Lucky Bromhead, and to our dare-doing hair wrangler, Ana Sorys (Joanna Adams, 'Schitt's Creek' Cast's Emmy Speeches Are A Masterclass In Mutual Appreciation, Huffpost, October 2020)

This is all very gaudiloquent, but of course you have to like to read in the first place, otherwise it’s all a ficulnean issue. And reading - literacy itself - seems to be on the decline (Ian Chadwick, Words, Your Brain and Sex, Scripturient, October 2014)

The subject upon which I am inclined to be gaudiloquent is the English language. (Joy of discovering words, The New Indian Express, February 2010)


While there is no online etynology, it appears that the word is constructed from Latin gaudium 'joy', gaude 'rejoice thou' (in hymns), from gaudere 'rejoice' and loquus 'speaking,' from loqui 'to speak' (from PIE root tolkw- 'to speak'). (details from Online Etymology Dictionary)