December 22nd, 2019

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  • sallymn

Sunday Word: Skerrick

skerrick [sker-ik]
1 (informal Australian, New Zealand usually with negative ) The smallest bit, semblace, trace


While the judge accepted his guilty plea was indicative of remorse, he noted there was "not one skerrick of remorse" in his police interview. (Meliisa Iaria, Vic driver jailed over Dutch cyclist death, Yass Tribune, 2019)

You can feel the performance wilt every time it shifts 'gears', proving there isn’t a skerrick of truth in the claim that "this stepped operation also improves acceleration performance incrementally". (Neil Mackay, Honda attempts a return to form with new-generation Accord – and largely succeeds, Go Auto, 2019)

You’ll use every lesson you’ve learnt, every skerrick of drive and every ounce of experience you have. (Kakadu National Park looks for park manager, Herald News, 2017)


Early 19th century of unknown origin. The word is also recorded as an English slang term meaning ‘halfpenny’. (Oxford English Dictionary)