August 27th, 2019

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Tuesday word: Ephemeral

[You can skip this part. just me grumbling about neighbors]Last Tuesday was a horrible day! Every time I sat down or grabbed my phone to schedule the entry to post, something came up. The nail on the coffin, so to speak, came in the form of well-meaning neighbors who came knocking on the door when they heard the lady I care for throwing up for 30 mins. They also informed me that it sounded like she was screaming/yelling so they called the police. Oh. My. God!

So, I missed posting and got very little sleep last Tuesday night.


Tuesday, Aug. 27, 2019

Ephemeral (adjective, noun)
e·phem·er·al [ih-fem-er-uhl]

1. lasting a very short time; short-lived; transitory: the ephemeral joys of childhood.
2. lasting but one day: an ephemeral flower.

3. anything short-lived, as certain insects.

e·phem·er·al·ly, adverb
e·phem·er·al·ness, noun
non·e·phem·er·al, adjective
non·e·phem·er·al·ly, adverb
un·e·phem·er·al, adjective
un·e·phem·er·al·ly, adverb

short-lived, fleeting, transitory, short, temporary, brief, fugitive, transient, volatile, episodic, evanescent, flitting, impermanent, fugacious

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1. fleeting, evanescent, transient, momentary, brief.

1. permanent

Origin: 1570–80; < Greek ephḗmer(os) short-lived, lasting but a day (ep- ep- + hēmér(a) day + -os adj. suffix) + -al

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