July 9th, 2019


Tuesday word: Feral

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Feral (adjective)
fe·ral [feer-uhl, fer-]

1. existing in a natural state, as animals or plants; not domesticated or cultivated; wild.
2. having reverted to the wild state, as from domestication: a pack of feral dogs roaming the woods.
3. of or characteristic of wild animals; ferocious; brutal.

ferocious, animal, brutal, fierce, raging, savage, uncultivated, wild, undomesticated, tameless

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Origin: 1595–1605; < Medieval Latin, Late Latin feralis bestial, wild, equivalent to Latin fer ( a ) wild beast + -alis -al


Feral (adjective)
fe·ral [feer-uhl, fer-]

1. causing death; fatal.
2. funereal; gloomy.

Origin: First recorded in 1615–25, feral is from the Latin word fērālis of the dead, funerary, fatal

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