June 30th, 2019

words 6

Sunday Word: Garrulous

garrulous [gar-uh-luhs, gar-yuh- ]

1 Excessively talkative, especially on trivial matters, given to prosy, rambling, or tedious loquacity

2 wordy or diffuse


Salman grew ever more garrulous as the yellow liquid in the bottle went down; Baal couldn't recall when he'd last heard anyone talk up such a storm. (Salman Rushdie, Michael, The Satanic Verses)

The roster rules that are known read like a garrulous alphabet-soup of acronyms and directives. (Patrick Brennan, "Here's how FC Cincinnati plans to build its roster for the 2019 MLS season,", Cincinnati.com)

Wolfe, keenly aware of the exhausting nature of the play, conducts the garrulous barroom banter along musical theater lines. (Charles McNulty, A revelatory Denzel Washington in 'The Iceman Cometh', latimes.com)

In America, the death of an American star is really the occasion for a garrulous, obsessive, round-the-clock denial of death. (Lee Siegel, How Constant Change Killed Jackson)

Nations, like men, have their infancy and their youth, their robust manhood and their garrulous old age. (George Washington Greene, A Short History of Rhode Island)


Circa 1611, borrowed from Latin garrulus, from garrīre 'to chatter, talk rapidly' (probably of imitative origin) + -ulus, deverbal suffix denoting inclination or repetitive action (going back to Indo-European -l-, participial suffix) (Merriam-Webster)