January 22nd, 2019

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Tuesday word: Inoculate

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Inoculate (verb)
in·oc·u·late [ih-nok-yuh-leyt]

verb (used with object), in·oc·u·lat·ed, in·oc·u·lat·ing.
1. to implant (a disease agent or antigen) in a person, animal, or plant to produce a disease for study or to stimulate disease resistance.
2. to affect or treat (a person, animal, or plant) in this manner.
3. to introduce (microorganisms) into surroundings suited to their growth, as a culture medium.
4. to imbue (a person), as with ideas.
5. Metallurgy. to treat (molten metal) chemically to strengthen the microstructure.

verb (used without object), in·oc·u·lat·ed, in·oc·u·lat·ing.
6. to perform inoculation.

Related forms
in·oc·u·la·tive [ih- nok -yuh -ley-tiv, -yuh-luh-] /ɪˈnɒk yəˌleɪ tɪv, -yə lə-/ , adjective
in·oc·u·la·tor , noun
non·in·oc·u·la·tive , adjective
re·in·oc·u·late , verb, re·in·oc·u·lat·ed, re·in·oc·u·lat·ing.
self-in·oc·u·lat·ed , adjective
un·in·oc·u·lat·ed , adjective
un·in·oc·u·la·tive , adjective

Related Words for inoculate
vaccinate, inject, protect

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4. indoctrinate, infuse.

Origin: 1400–50; late Middle English < Latin inoculatus past participle of inoculare to graft by budding, implant, equivalent to in- in- + -ocula- (stem of -oculare to graft, derivative of oculus eye, bud) + -tus past participle suffix

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