January 17th, 2019

SH education never ends
  • med_cat

Thursday word: Zibeline

Today's word is kindly brought to you by prettygoodword

zibeline (ZIB-uh-lain, ZIB-uh-leen, ZIB-uh-lin) - n., a thick woolen cloth with a flattened hairy nap; of, relating to, or made from the fur of a sable.

By which you might guess that the fabric was originally made from sable fur, and you'd be right -- nowadays it's more likely mohair, alpaca, or camel hair. Dates to around 1580, from French zibeline, sable, from Middle French, from Italian zibellino, from Old Italian, ultimately of Slavic origin (so akin to Russian sobol'). A sable:

Zibeline curiosity
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