December 14th, 2015

f - Sylvester

Saturday Word: Tricolette (Belated)

tri·co·lette [ˌtri-kuh-ˈlet]:
origin: [1915] French; tricoter= "to knit" + -lette= diminutive or feminizing.

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1. Finely knitted fabric that can be made of natural or man-made fibers, to produce a lightweight & sophisticated material, commonly used in women's clothing.

2. Hipsters didn't invent slow-drip coffee, a.k.a. "the pour over method", it actually goes as far back as the 1920's! Brewing coffee by boiling the water first, then pouring it over a filter filled with (French-ground) coffee was said to be healthier -- less acidic than drip brew. * such devices may also be called a "tricolator".