December 3rd, 2015

Animaniacs- Yakko Warner

Wednesday word: 壁ドン (kabe-don)

壁ドン (Kabe-don)

noun:  Kabe-don is a romantic situation popularized by shojo manga (Japanese comics aimed at teenaged girls) in which one person pins another person against the wall in a show of sexual dominance. "Kabe" means "wall" and "don" is the onomatopoeia for the thud sound of hitting a wall.

I first heard of the term in this video clip of all places!
words are sexy

Thursday word: penannular

penannular (pen-AN-yuh-lar) - adj., having the shape of an almost complete ring.

A ring with a gap. I have usually heard this in terms of eclipses of the sun, as this:

However, researching for this post I find that the predominant usage is talking about brooches, especially Celtic brooches. The word was coined in the 1850s from Latin roots pene-, almost +‎ annular, ring-shaped.

His cloak was pinned at his shoulder with a penannular silver brooch.