October 15th, 2015

Lupin- Trickster

Wednesday word: charrette

charrette: [shuh-ret]


1. A collaborative session for a final intensive effort to work out problems to finish a project before a deadline. Pertains to arcitecture projects, urban planning, land use, interior design, etc.

etymology:  American, 1965-70.  From French meaning "cart."  From Old French, equivalent to "char" chariot or wagon.
words are sexy

Thursday word: trichologist

trichologist (trih-KOL-uh-jee) - n., the study of hair and scalp care.

Which can be taken in two ways -- more formally, it's a branch of dermatology, but colloquially, it's a highfalutin' name for hairdressing, with a trichologist being a hairdresser or barber. At the root is Greek trichos, hair, and is a 19th century coinage, which makes me suspect that it's a colorful Americanism intending to jocular, but I'm recovering from a stomach bug (ugh) and don't have the energy to confirm that one way or another.

I can't go out with you Tuesday -- I have an appointment with my trichologist.