June 22nd, 2015

IH - space

Saturday & Sunday Words: Dacha & Zoopraxiscope

da·cha [ˈdäCHə]:
origin: [1895-1900] (дча) Russian; a gift.

A summer home, a rustic cottage used as a get-away during the warmer months.

Originally these plots of land were given by the tsar, later on by the Communist Party members as a reward. It was a precious item in a place where buying property wasn't possible and finding a get-away on a low income was tough. People formed such fond memories of these retreats that the word "dacha" became synonymous with an entire lifestyle.

Two boxers duke it out.

zo·o·prax·i·scope [ZOH-uh-PRACKS-uh-scohp]:
origin: [1879] British; Invented by Eadweard Muybridge, taken from "Zoopraxigraphical Hall where the photographer lectured.

An early form of photography and film, used to amuse, as well as explore motion; a wheel contained one of many stop-motion images, when put in succession and spun would create a miniature film! See also: zoetrope, phenakistoscope, and thaumatrope.

You might even say the zoopraxiscope was the "gif" of its era!