May 5th, 2015


Tuesday Word: presbyopia

Presbyopia (prɛs-, prɛzbɪˈəʊpɪə) comes from the Greek presbus (old man or elder) and op (eye). It refers to the deterioration of the ability to focus on small objects viewed at short distances, such as print. It is associated with aging and likely caused by the progressive loss of elasticity of the eye's crystalline lens (or simply the lens), which refracts and focuses light on the retina. I discovered this term while doing a bit of research prior to purchasing my very first pair of reading glasses! As I am 28 and presbyopia usually sets in during middle and old age, I am feeling pretty elderly right now...but hey, I spend my weekend nights doing yarn crafts and feel like I could sleep for a week after attending social events, so it's about time my body caught up with my habits.