November 18th, 2013


Monday words: palpebral, ordonnance

I was visiting family last Monday and didn't post, so I'll post double today.

palpebral [ˈpælpɪbrəl], adj.
Of or relating to the eyelid.

Etymology:  mid 1800s, from Latin palpebra, eyelid.

The palpebral fissure is the elliptic space between the medial and lateral canthi of the two open lids (see the Wikipedia page for a drawing).

ordonnance (ôrdn-ns, ôrdô-näs), noun
The arrangement of the elements of a building, or of an artistic or literary composition.

Not to be confused with ordinance (law, regulation) or ordnance (military supplies), but the origins of all three words overlap.  And in modern French, one definition of 'ordonnance' is 'decree'.

Etymology:  mid 1600s, from French ordenance, an arranging.