May 6th, 2013

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Saturday & Sunday Word: Empanada & Crunchbug

crunch·bug (krʌntʃˌˈbəg):
origin: a made-up word by George Walton Lucas, Jr. for his Star Wars trilogy films (Jabba's first appearance: 1983)

In honor of "May the 4th" (aka "May the force"): Crunchbugs are a species of chirping insects, native to planet Courkrus, that are enjoyed as snack food by Hutts -- as in "Jabba, the". [source]


em·pa·na·da (ˌɛm pəˈnɑ də):
origin: Galicia and Portugal; Latin, em= "in" + Spanish, pan= "bread" & -ada= feminine of "ate" (recorded recipe, 1520).

In honor of "May the 5th" (aka "Cinco de Mayo"): The Latin-American equivalent to Italian calzones, or American hot pockets -- from the Galician, Portuguese, and Spanish verb empanar = to wrap or coat in bread -- a doughy turnover stuffed with a sweet or savory mixture, beloved around the world in various forms.

Do you have a favorite Spanish or "out of this world" dish?
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Monday word: virago

virago (v-räg, -r-, vîr-g), noun
1. A loud, domineering woman.
2. A woman of great stature, strength, and courage.

Etymology:  14th century, from Latin virago, from vir, "man".  Think "virile".

Definition #1 has a synonym:  termagant, defined as "an overbearing, nagging woman; a shrew".

Definition #2 appears to have come first, with origins in ancient Greece and Rome, and refers to a woman who has heroically exceeded what was thought possible for her gender.  More details at the the ever-handy Wikipedia.

This word (as definition #1) appeared in the most recent Doctor Who episode ("The Crimson Horror").