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February 21, 2009 - apophenia

apophenia [ a poe fee nee uh, a puh fee nee uh ]
noun (also apophrenia)

(psychology) The perception of or belief in connectedness among unrelated phenomena.

[ From Wikipedia: "Coined in 1958 by Klaus Conrad, who defined it as the 'unmotivated seeing of connections' accompanied by a 'specific experience of an abnormal meaningfulness.'" There is some controversy over this word, as it comes from no known Greek root, whereas "apophrenia" could be considered a neologism taken from Greek apo- ("away from") and -phrenia (from phren, "mind"). Therefore, some consider apophenia a simple misspelling. Nevertheless, it seems to have become the popular usage. ]

The narrative of the movie A Beautiful Mind revolves around the protagonist’s apophenic beliefs. --Daily Writing Tips
Tags: a, greek, noun

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