April 27th, 2012

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Administrivia: poster recruitment drive

As you may have noticed, words have been a bit thin on the ground here, with over half our current posters MIA. Which means, dear reader, this is your chance to become one of the regular curators here on 1word1day. If you're not up for posting every week, you can still volunteer to be an alternate, for those occasions when life (and holiday) happens. Here's our currents schedule of posters:

Sunday: (open) theidolhands
Monday: ersatz_read
Tuesday: (open?) skittles22088
Wednesday: (open?)
Thursday: prettygoodword
Friday: (open?) med_cat
Saturday: k8cre8

If you are a regular for one of the (open?) days and are still interested, please let me know, but after not posting for a few months nor responding to LJ messages, I can only assume you've gafiated. Everyone else, feel free to call out what day you want. Anyone can join -- the only requirement is a willingness to post every week that day, life willing.

Once we get this settled, we can move on to theme weeks and guest posts. But given the comm name, the regular posting is the priority.

cat and books

Neologisms: "gossiphound"

Hello all,

I have just signed up to be the Friday poster for this fine comm. I bring you a word I just learned today (via [info]gutta_honey) as my first contribution:

Gossip hound: a person who seeks out gossip and then uses it for his/her own advantage.

From the Urban Dictionary (2006):

Someone who gossips incessantly. Usually a person with no life of their own, who enjoys wreaking social havoc amongst others. So completely untrustworthy, they cannot be trusted with even the most trivial of information. Often observed carrying a cell phone, and can text message at warp speed. Most often observed in females, but may include gay men.
"My girlfriend got overly drunk at the party, and fell down the stairs. Thanks to a gossip hound, by the next afternoon, everybody in school knew about it."