February 23rd, 2012

words are sexy


picaroon (pik-uh-ROON) - n., a rogue, an adventurer; a pirate, corsair, or picaro; a small pirate ship. v., to act r operate as a pirate or brigand.

Garrr! This word be from Spanish, which we raided for it back in the 1620s -- those were good years for the liftin' o' vocabularies, aye -- though they spell it picarón, which be an augmentive form of pícaro -- which we also borrowed, as picaro, meanin' a rogue or adventurer, withouten the more violent senses, if you get my drift, for in its mother tongue it just means lacking honor. Which pirates do, but more than just that -- but that's a tale for another tide, matey.

Oh, but then, off the Seychelles we were overpowered and captured by a little picaroon, with lateen sails and a couple of guns, and a most villainous crew -- it was quite distressing.