August 21st, 2011

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Evening, folks.

Once again, apologies for not posting for so long. My electricity got incorrectly cut off by the good folks at Origin Energy (pro-tip, fellow Aussies, they like to do that), and my PC died as a result. The rest of the time, well, let's just say I plain forgot.

Poor excuse, but I should nut up and admit something to you all: I have shit memory. No, really - I forget things really easily. Like, I'll step off of the bus outside of the store with a mind to buy milk, and in the time it takes me to cross the road, I've forgotten. Or I'll walk to the kitchen to make a cup of tea and forget what I was doing on the way. So let's just say that remembering to post a word every Sunday isn't as easy as all that. I put it down to too much television and Dungeons and Dragons.

But! I've got reminders set up between my Gmail, my iPhone and my Xoom tablet, so hopefully I can turn it around.

To make up for it, here's five awesome words, all of which have no English equivalent.

Mustaque Dirs Ur


The Albanians apparently have twenty-seven different words to describe varieties of mustaches. This one is the downy, newly sprouted mustache of an adolescent.

Viande a pneus


Reckless cyclists in France have a nickname that translates as meat for tires.


(Scottish Gaelic)

The habit of dropping in at meal times.



Someone who farts excessively.


(Aboriginal Mayali)

This tribal tongue of Papua New Guinea often builds up complex compound words to express a simple concept. This spell-check nightmare translates as - I cooked the wrong meat for them again.

I don't have any etymologies or pronunciation for these, but if anyone does, feel free to let me know and I'll update. I do have a competition! The person that writes the best sentence incorporating all these words will win a two month paid subscription/extension, bonus userpics, or two months extra storage from me!

Post your entries in the comments below. Entries can be any length, but should be witty, poignant or humourous - and most of all should make sense. I'll give one week before announcing the winner, who can choose their prize on notification.

Good writing!