August 15th, 2011


caudle or caudel, noun.  A warm, spiced alcoholic drink thickened with bread, gruel, eggs, or almond milk, and sweetened with sugar.  The drink was thought to be medicinal or therapeutic, and was often given to invalids.

Etymology:  1200s, from Middle English caudel, which is tied to Latin caldum, hot drink.

Coddle ("to coddle an egg") could be a similar origin.  Coddling refers to cooking in water just below the boiling point.

Similar beverages include posset (milk curdled with spiced wine or ale) and eggnog (eggs, milk, sugar, spices, and alcohol).

From the 1300s book Le Viander (translated by Terence Scully), a recipe for caudle is behind the cut.  Collapse )