January 6th, 2011

words are sexy

knackatory, pogonotomy

Apologies for missing last week -- I was on holiday and completely forgot. So two words for you this week:

knackatory (NACK-uh-tor-ee) - n., a shop for knick-knacks.

pogonotomy (po-go-no-to-mee -- I'm not sure where the stress goes) - n., the cutting of beards.

The first is also knick-knackatory, as the shop in Dragon Quest V. It comes from knick-knack, itself a duplication of knack, a trifle. The latter is what I need to do after scruffing myself up after two weeks off. It was coined from Greek roots pogonos, beard + tomos, a cutting.

The proprietor of the knackatory was a wizened, white-haired man in desperate need of pogonotomy and a pullover that wasn't older than me.