December 22nd, 2010

Voodoo Tuesday

Putting this first so y'all will read it: I'm going to be unavailable to post for the next two weeks. If someone responsible (re: more responsible than I am) would like to fill in for me on the next two Tuesdays, that'd be wonderful. Please let me know!

po-faced [POH-feyst]

having an overly serious demeanor or attitude; humorless.

"I'm sure Vince thinks I'm the most po-faced human being because I wouldn't laugh at his stupid fart jokes," Elizabeth griped to her friend.

I wonder how often this is used in British English; I read it in a book by my favorite author (British) and felt the need to look it up. Not a common word here in the States.
book girl by thesilverstrand

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clinquant [kling-kuhnt]


imitation gold leaf; tinsel; false glitter


glittering with gold or tinsel


[from French, from clinquer to clink, from Dutch klinken, to ring or clink]


To-day the French
All clinquant, all in gold like heathen gods,
Shone down the English”.

~Henry VIII, Shakespeare

Today's word brought to you by the fact that I'm reading a bio of Henry while sitting near a Christmas tree, even if it isn't a very clinquant tree.