October 28th, 2010

words are sexy


lemniscate (lem-NIS-kit or LEM-nis-kayt) - n., a closed plane curve consisting of two symmetrical loops meeting at a node.

Such as ∞, the symbol for infinity. The class of such curves (as opposed to all the other figure-eight curves) is described by the equation r2 = 2a2cos(2θ) or, for those who don't think in polar coordinates, (x2 + y2)2 = a2(x2 - y2), where a is a parameter giving the distance of the curve's furthest point from the origin. First described by Jakob Bernoulli, one of the older generation of Bernoulli mathematicians. Named around 1780 -- apparently by Euler?, can't confirm this though -- from Latin lēmniscātus, adorned with ribbons, from lēmniscus, a pendent ribbon, from Greek lēmnískos, ribbon.

The skater traced a perfect lemniscate in the ice.

Shakespeare Man!

Maintenance Post - Introductions!

Apologies for missing last Monday - I actually had a post written up with a neat phrase I found, but when I got home to post it I found out that my PC had rebooted and I lost it. And then I forgot.

But, in lieu of my poor short-term memory issues, I am pleased to announce that my call for themed posters has yielded one expression of interest!

Introducing k8cre8! - Kate has expressed an enjoyment for posting stories for her words, and has agreed to post a little written entertainment each Saturday for your enjoyment!

Please make her feel welcome!

Don't forget, too, that I'm still looking for interest in themed posters! I had some interest in comments, but have not as yet received any emails to 1word1day@nerd-fury.net! I'd also like to mention that themed posts don't need to be written - I'll also gladly accept podcasts, spoken word, poetry, animation, videos - anything you can imagine!*

Thanks guys!

* Except copyrighted materials and porn. Duh.