September 16th, 2010

words are sexy


breviloquent (brev-EH-lo-kwent or brev-ee-LOH-kwent) - adj., speaking briefly or concisely.

Laconic. From Latin roots (I'm not seeing signs it was used in Latin itself) brevis, short + loquī, to speak.

I like Rev. Mike, but a breviloquent preacher won't go far.

blank by lintuvixen

What do you mean it isn't Wednesday?

Sorry, folks. Yesterday slipped away from me like a silken dream or rather like a hectic day of whip-cracking over two teenagers. However, I had my word almost ready so I'm posting it today:

vavasour n [vav′ə sôr′]

-a feudal tenant ranking directly below a baron
-in the Middle Ages, a feudal vassal next in rank below a baron, holding lands from a superior lord and having vassals under himself

Also vavasor

In other words, I suppose you could call him a middle-man.


Middle English vavasour, from Anglo-French vavassur, probably from Medieval Latin vassus vassorum vassal of vassals
First Known