January 13th, 2010

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Pronunciation: Bom`ba*zine"

(also bombasine)
Definition: n.
1 : a twilled fabric with silk warp and worsted filling
2 : a silk fabric in twill weave dyed black

Etymology: F bombasin f. med.L bombacinum f. LL bombycinus silken f. bombyx -ycis silk or silkworm f. Gk bombux; 1550s

Usage: Although Lady Jane Smith-Smythe-Smith was clad from neck to toe in widow's weeds of the dullest black bombazine, the dashing adventurer Lucas Langdon easily discerned that the luscious young woman was not overly distressed by the loss of her eighty year old husband. A few brief but passionate moments in the garden quickly confirmed his impression.

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