July 9th, 2009


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Buenos noches!

Today is a fabulous day, because I love discovering new bands. If you are some form of humanoid with a heart and don't like kicking kittens, you should all listen to music by the fantastic nerdy band I Fight Dragons! Go! Now!

.. and then  come back and tell me how much you love me and my words!

That said, today's word is:

Colophon [kol'e-fon]

A publisher's emblem or inscription, usually found at the beginning of a book. These once were very elaborate but have been downplayed by modern publishers. It used to be that the colophon of a book also listed the author's name and the date and place of publication.

Latin, from Greek kolophon, 'summit,' 'finishing touch.'

Barry reflected on the last few hours. Having drawn up a final draft of his new book's colophon for review he had sent it to his publisher for approval. How, then, had he come to be standing in a doctor's office, pantsless, with his doctor snapping on a glove? All he needed was his colophon checked!