February 16th, 2009

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February 14, 2009 - amoret

amoret [a' mor ett]
noun (sometimes amorette, amourette)

1. An amorous girl or woman; a wanton. [Obs.] --J. Warton.
2. A love knot, love token, or love song. (pl.) Love glances or love tricks. [Obs.]
3. A petty love affair or amour. [Obs.]

[ Old French amorette, French amourette, dim. of amour ]

He sang a rambling, out-of-tune amorette to his lascivious blonde amourette, during the heated heights of their scandalous amoret.

(sorry, this word is so obscure I couldn't find an actual example, so I made one up... I bet you never would have guessed...)

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truckle \TRUHK-uhl\, intransitive verb:
To yield or bend obsequiously to the will of another; to act in a subservient manner.

Truckle is from truckle in truckle bed (a low bed on wheels that may be pushed under another bed; also called a trundle bed),in reference to the fact that the truckle bed on which the pupil sleptwas rolled under the large bed of the master. The ultimate source ofthe word is Greek trokhos, "a wheel."

While the Democrats may be the current majority party, I refuse to truckle from my conservative Republican beliefs.